Launch of IndiaonRails

We started IndiaonRails in Sept.2006.

To subscribe to the mailing list, send a blank email to

Reposting Pratik’s welcome message to the group

Hi Guys,

We’re around 15 people now on this list. So I thought I’d send a welcome message.The main purpose of this group is to unite rails developers of India.We have a couple of ruby mailing lists in India,but nothing for rails.And a community has to be more than just a mailing list.Dibya and I have been thinking about this for a while, and we didn’t just start it coz we thought I’d be cool.We have a set of goals behind this, which I’ll make clear below.

Currently, Pragathi is working on the website design for The website will have the following sections :

– News
Where members can post about news/activities/events related to community.

– Planet
This is aggregation of all member blogs. Something like

– Projects
IndiaOnRails supported projects. Right now, Dibya is involved with Symbiosis students in an initiative called “OSI Labs”. I’m also planning to help Dibya with a couple of Rails projects that some students are doing. Same way, any student should be able to join our community and
seek help with their rails related projects. Also, members can seek help with their open source projects.

– Job board
This will be for companies/individuals seeking RFPs from Indian companies/developers. I’m not sure if we should have this section right away.

– Freelancers
Members will be able to put their small profile here if they’re interested in working on rails as freelancer.

– Companies
Profiles of Indian companies working with rails. But this section will be moderated.

– Showcase
Showcase of India related rails websites. This will be a moderated section too.

– Community
Just some info on mailing list, etc.

Please post here if you have any suggestions about the website.

The primary goals of this group are :

– Help newbies learn rails
– Support students doing rails related projects
– Provide free hosting for member blogs, SVN, etc.
– Eventually, organize events like RailsConf.
– Help freelancers fetching more projects
– Build a professional network, so that people who are already rails professionals, they can exchange help/info whenever required.

That’s all for now !



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